Dunbar Masonry

How Dunbar Masonry streamlined operations and booked more projects:

Programs Used:

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Projects & Scheduling

BOSS Assistants worked with Dunbar Masonry to help setup and utilize Trello for project management. We saw each project through from start to finish by taking the customer inquiry,  scheduling the project, creating the invoice and taking payment. 

Email Management & Virtual Reception

Dunbar Masonry had a high volume of residential homeowners and contracting projects being requested over the phone and via email. BOSS Assistants answered an average of 10+ calls per day and 20+ emails per day, and provided customer support when required.

Payroll & Accounts Receivable

BOSS Assistants helped to keep the invoicing system up to date by contacting vendors with overdue accounts and marking invoices as paid once payment was received. We also helped facilitate payroll and benefits for employees.

The Results


Projects scheduled in 6 months

"I am extremely impressed with the support and services that Boss Assistants offer, well done."
Bobby Skujins Dunbar Masonry
Bobby Skujins

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