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Programs Used:

Podcast Outreach Campaigns

BOSS Assistants diligently sourced relevant podcasts within CJAM’s niche. We verified contact emails, helped craft a compelling outreach email, and conducted the outreach campaigns with timely follow-ups. Furthermore, we documented every successful booking for future reference.

Project Management for Blogs

BOSS Assistants helped to streamline the CJAM Marketing blog publishing process by managing everything from article assignment to copywriting, proofreading, developer coordination, SEO optimization, and the assurance of a consistent Monday publish date.

Monitoring & Responding to HARO

BOSS Assistants monitored HARO (Help a Reporter Out) requests daily to pinpoint the perfect opportunity. With precision, they crafted an attention-grabbing email that captivated reporters, resulting in a coveted full-page feature that impeccably aligned with the CJAM brand.

The Results


Booked podcast guest appearances


SEO blog articles managed from copy to development


Full page feature on

Jordan is an awesome virtual assistant. I was looking for someone that I didn’t have to hand hold when bringing them into the company. Someone that can think for themselves and make suggestions. Every task I’ve given Jordan, she has gotten quickly and turned around. It’s nice to be able to pass things off and have them done properly.
Behdad Jamshidi
Behdad Jamshidi

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